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To Live Is A Choice

Life is more than breathing each day. If a gasp of air were all it took for us to live, a simple inhale and exhale would enable us to accomplish each goal each day. Life is is all about living. To live is truly a choice.

Each day gives us an opportunity to embrace the hope and joy that God desires us to embody. Yet so often we fall into routines and cycles of survival that we forget to live. When is the last time you stopped to smell the flowers? Have you ever taken the time to notice the trees while they bloom in the spring? How about the children around you, when was the last time you bought them a popsicle and just sat with them to hear about their day?

When was the last time you walked hand in hand with your love on a moonlit night? What about surprising a friend with flowers or a lunch date? Do you ever walk in your yard barefoot or on the warm cement with no shoes? How about a stroll at the beach with your pants legs rolled up while you talk with a friend?

Life will always be full of reasons to not live. There will always be pressing moments, difficult decisions to make, hard relationships and bills that need to be paid. We unfortunately make ourselves stick to the routines that weigh us down and forget to dismantle the pressure.

I love how Jesus was in the boat with his disciples in the midst of the storm. He slept. His disciples were worried and could not understand why He slept during such a challenging and problematic moment. They felt as if He didn't realize that they were about to die! Their fear was masked by anger and disappointment as they approached Him. His response blew them away, "Ye of little faith." He then calmed the storm.

Jesus chose to live in the midst of a life threatening storm because He knew the outcome. For Him in that moment, living meant to take a nap. I guess He assumed the disciples would understand Who was in the boat with them and join Him in napping. He is expecting the same from us.

As the storms of life hit us each day, join Jesus. Live. Choose life. Trust that He has it all together and learn to enjoy each moment even as you face hardships. He won't let you drown.

Live today my friend. That's what I'm doing. I choose to live. I choose to enjoy all of what God has for me on this side of life. I choose to embrace each moment. I choose to breathe in the beauty and to exhale the negative. I'm holding on to Him today and everyday. Let's do it together.

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