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Beneath Comfort

The December chill on Hope Mountain nipped at the windowpane as I huddled by the glass, savoring Cuban tomales and fries dipped in hot chocolate. But the warmth of my sweater couldn't penetrate the weight of a different reality – the one playing out just a few steps away.

There, children shiver without blankets, their nights devoid of the luxury of a sweater,  or the joy of a decent meal. They know only the brisk of these December nights, a cold cement floor for a bed, the sting of empty bellies, the bitter gruel of raw pasta and water their mother calls dinner.

This dissonance, this stark contrast between my comfort and their struggle, tears at my soul. How could I relish my blessings when their pain echoed so close?

The beach, once a haven of joy, now mirrors their plight – girls forced to sacrifice their treasures for survival. Witnessing their invisible chains is a constant gut punch.

Today, I share this heavy burden, the echo of someone I love whispering in my ear, "You can't save everyone." I know. It's a truth that stings most when applied to those I believe God sent my way.

My heart yearns for a different world, a tapestry woven with empathy, where the deepest wounds receive the most fervent care. I dream of a chorus of voices raised in concern, a symphony of compassion.

But the reality I face is a broken system, a landscape dotted with indifference. My attempts to bridge the gap, to offer real help, met with a resounding silence, a testament to the callousness that can shroud even the hearts of those called to love.

As the year draws to a close, I implore you to consider the unseen suffering, the anguish that resides beyond our immediate gaze. The pain endured by true humans can be a harrowing tapestry, woven with threads of innocence stolen, dreams shattered, and bodies broken.

They exist, just a few steps away.

I cherish my life, the provisions God has bestowed. On my worst day, I am safe, content. But I cannot rest knowing their reality remains unchanged. So I plead, join me in this yearning for a world where their plight echoes in our hearts, where their pain compels us to action.

Please, care. Please, do something. Let's mend the broken system, one act of compassion at a time. Let's be the change, the melody of hope that drowns out the symphony of suffering.

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