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Masterful Creator

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters. Genesis 1:1-2


Life is a bit like Genesis chapter one. Had the author of the prestigious book written my story it would've sounded something like this, "In the beginning God formed a baby girl. She unfortunately believed that she was formless and void or a waste and empty, and darkness pervaded the deep recesses of her soul. Nevertheless, the Spirit of God was moving, He hovered and brooded over those deep recesses of her being. He declared with strength and authority, 'Let there be light,' and she began to see the Truth. God had already believed that she was beautiful was thrilled that she could now see. He was pleased with her new revelation of herself and declared His work good from its inception. He affirmed her and He sustained her. He separated the light within her from the darkness that wanted to overtake her life."


My favorite part of the creation story is the fact that chaos existed, yet God was there. Order was non existent, then He showed up. He made a grand entrance into a hopeless situation.

A bundle of difficult circumstances can surely feel like a dark atmosphere that's covered in water!

_________________________My past is proof of His order and design. He took a little girl who was broken beyond man's repair and put each piece in its proper place.

He was able to let the light shine through a darkness that overpowered my being.

He became my filter.

I stopped seeing myself as that broken little girl and I began to see myself as His loved and precious treasure.


I belong to a Masterful Creator.

I truly believe that I've arrived! I will always be a work in progress, don't misunderstand me. I've arrived at His love, I've been here since the beginning.

Just as the disordered, dark space needed His intervention, so did my heart.

He loved me when I was a mess. He didn't even focus on the messy parts of me. My behavior didn't cause Him to love me any less.

His love for me was settled way before conception. In that dark place where two teenagers entered into a moment they were not prepared!

His vision, His dreams, His hopes and His aspirations for me became realities as He formed me in my mother's very young womb.

He didn't focus on the circumstances of my existence. He didn't decide who I'd become based upon the nature of my conception. The creative Artist and master Builder went to work. He closed His eyes and began to create what lies deep within His creative self. His fingers swiftly joined the bodily fluids of the young man with those of the young girl who lost herself for a moment. His hands quickly and beautifully worked to create the masterful work of His imagination. "Dark skin, short stature, absolutely cute," I'm sure He declared. "Strong and able to withstand the arrows that fly by day and able to resist the fears of the terrors that come at night." Only He knew I would face those terrors. He created me with the tools to overcome them.

His love made me.

His love keeps me.

He is my strength all day and everyday.

At times I fall into a space of forgetfulness. There are moments when I don't remember who I am or who He is. Days have come when I simply forget about each "Red Sea" He's parted on my behalf.

Yet, He remains close. He patiently draws me near and receives me with open arms.

He continues to create me, He isn't done. His love for me is secure.

He loved me as He formed me with His hands and nothing I ever did or nothing I'd ever do could ever change that. He looked at me then and He looks at me now and declares, "You are good!"


Listen up! He loves you the same way. You can't stop His love. You can't make Him turn away. His love keeps you going each day. He loved you while the hurt was happening. He didn't cause it, but He was there loving you through it.

He looks at you every day and declares your beauty. You won't change His thoughts towards you. Why not join Him in thinking the same? See yourself as He sees you. It's a daily choice.

The way you see yourself will greatly affect the way people treat you. Your opinion of yourself has a lot to do with the choices you make in life. Choose life. Choose to believe that you are loved right now, right where you are.


I'll never forget a phone call I received in the middle of the night during our early years of ministry in Dallas, TX.

"Vicki, I did it again," the muffled and ragged voice on the other end let me know that she was high again.

I held the phone close to my mouth, I didn't want to wake up my sleeping baby, "Where are you?"

"I don't know. God hates me now. I know He does. I will never get this right."

My heart was heavy, I just wanted to leap through the telephone and hug her. I just wanted her to feel the love that filled my heart for her. "Honey, you could never do anything to make Him stop loving you. He will always love you."

I leaned over to Ruben, "Honey please get up. Please go to her house and get her husband. Find her, please bring her home tonight."

My sweetie immediately jumped out of bed and called her husband. He gladly took that fifteen minute drive to his house as I kept her on the line.

They found her. She was more strung out than ever, but she was loved by God. She was loved by me. My husband loved her and her husband loved her too. We were all just expressions of the Father's love.

It took her a few years to get her life together. She fell a few more times, but we kept loving her.

I could go on and on and on and on with stories like hers. My own story is proof of His love.

I want you to be absolutely convinced of this truth today. Please respond to His love. Do it now. It's simple. Just ask Him to forgive you for your sins and ask Him to take over your life. Jesus Christ died for you, declare that out loud-then He went on to rise for you! He is still risen. He continues to rise for you each day.


Your life is a lot like Genesis chapter one. In the beginning God created you, then looked at you and said, "My creation is so good!"

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